Hello, and welcome to TerrisUS.com

This website is mainly a collection of various things that I've done over the years. In particular, a couple of Guides for video games, and a whole bunch of Reviews for video games.
I also have a number of other files (lists and such) stored, which I use those pages for reference points for various purposes.

Any feedback on any part of this website is more than welcome. Please feel free to email me about anything at terrisus@aol.com

Eventually I hope to add more to this website, but, hopefully things are coming together well.
In any event, thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy what I have up so far.

Guides/Walkthroughs I've Done

Reviews I've Written

My Top 200 List (with pictures)
My Top 200 List (text only)

My Game List
Game Ending pictures

My old Terris-related website
(Was originally done back around 1999, and remains fairly unchanged since then).